Paul Voormann is a leading manufacturer of high quality skin care products in the industry. It boasts more than fifty years of tradition. Carefully selected ingredients, constant innovation, research and investment in development result in a rich and varied range of skin and environmentally friendly products for a wide variety of needs - from cleaning to protection and care. Download our catalog and consult our experts. We will be happy to help you choose the right one for you.


A series of high-quality skin protection products effectively protects the skin from stress, which is a result of working with water-soluble or non-water-soluble substances, and it also offers protection against UV radiation and other harmful effects to which we are exposed at work. In addition, the use of protection also facilitates the cleansing of skin exposed to heavy dirt.


Thorough but gentle cleansing that does not irritate the skin is the foundation of skin health. Skin cleansing products are adapted to the way and intensity of cleansing different types and levels of dirt, so they clean the skin as much as necessary but as gently as possible. The skin is thus thoroughly cleansed without straining it.


After work, cleansed skin will need the care that will protect it from drying out and help it to regenerate. Care products with carefully selected ingredients effectively support natural regeneration and skin health.


Products that have fascinated the most demanding users around the world for decades. You just can't do without them.


Hygienic, efficient and economical. Dosing of products with dispensers developed on the basis of fifty years of experience and tested with fifty years of use convinces even the most demanding customers. Mutually coordinated for the dosing of cleaning agents and care products, they enable a quick and easy conduct of both procedures and optimal consumption, thus saving time and money.