The device removes unknown oils from processing emulsions or from washing tubs. This prevents excessive bacterial growth and unpleasant odors.


  • easy to use,
  • low costs of purchase and operation,
  • 12V - no danger of electric stress,
  • device portability,
  • freely adjustable digital time clock (15 different on and off programs, a total of more than a hundred combinations),
  • height-adjustable magnetic bracket,
  • robust housing,
  • takes up very little space,…

KEMOL SKIMER K 40 & K 100 can be mounted (using a magnetic bracket) anywhere on the tank / pool of the machine. The weight wheel must be completely immersed so that it is at least 40 mm below the surface of the emulsion. The use of skimmer is recommended when the machine is at standstill, as then the emulsion is calm and removes unknown oil. The skimmer operates with 12V / DC voltage. It is powered by the included power supply. The skimmer must be placed flat / horizontal, otherwise the tape may derail.